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Oliver’s Update

Oliver’s Update

The reality is that so many pigs need homes! We get calls each and every day asking us to take in more pigs — whether the pig is now too large, has temperament issues, they’re moving, ordinance issues, etc. 

Part of what we do each day is help educate folks about proper care and maintenance for pet pigs. We also have an extensive resources page on our website where we answer questions with step-by-step instructions, offer re-homing suggestions, and much more. 

When you support Pigs Animal Sanctuary, you not only ensure our 200+ animals are well cared for, but also help us educate and advocate for other animals across the country. Please be an advocate with us and donate today.

It’s Oliver, your favorite cute and cuddly Sanctuary Mascot piggy. Well…it’s been a while since I reached out personally. I’m sorry! 

I’ve been busy watching these kind hearted humans do all sorts of cool stuff around here. Wanna know what they’ve been doing? Well ok…rebuilding barns, fixing fence lines, lots of cleaning, and oh can’t forget the hoof trimming, vaccinations, and medical check-ups. We don’t really like that part much, but they said it needs to be done.

Wanna know something really cool?

We get a lot of attention and even a massage! Yes, and it’s with forks. This feels good and we relax and love it. This is the best thing ever, besides living at the Sanctuary and getting fed all this delicious food.
Oh another great thing that has happened lately is we have new barn enclosures. I’m huge and I even fit. Heard from my pal Buttercup they custom made the door for my size. So cool. I love these humans.
A special thank you to those who have signed up to become Piggy Bank Partners! My goal was to get 500 to donate at least $15 or more a month to become a Piggy Bank Partner. We need more people. We have work to do, so please consider this request to join. Piggy Bank Partners help care for us and allow my caretakers to budget for upcoming expenses. 

I have to get back to this warm sunny day, and my mud!
Your favorite pig,
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