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We Love Pumpkins!

We Love Pumpkins!

The animals are gearing up for another spooky Halloween! Whether you’re trick-or-treating or spending the night watching scary movies, make sure you keep your pets safe. Here are some precautions to take this Halloween:

  • Keep treats out of reach — candy and chocolate contain dangerous artificial sweeteners
  • Careful with costumes — costumes can stress out pets and cause harm if they try to remove it’
  • Watch your decorations — make sure wires and candles are out of reach

After sorting your candy, visit your local animal sanctuary to donate leftover pumpkins for the animals to munch on. Our pigs and chickens LOVE leftover jack-o-lantern treats! There are over 300 animals taking refuge at our shelter, and they rely on support from animal lovers like you. Will you make a gift today to ensure our rescue animals have food, medication, and shelter as the weather gets colder?

Have a Happy Halloween!

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