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Sampson’s Second Chance

Sampson’s Second Chance

Today is Giving Tuesday – and it’s a special day for all the animals here at PIGS Animal Sanctuary.

Sampson (pictured above) was seized by an animal control facility in North Carolina in 2014. His life was in limbo for the next year as he sat alone in a concrete kennel. To make matters worse, his best friend who came into the shelter with him – a pit bull – died while in custody.

Finally, Sampson was released to a local humane society. However, after being stuck in a small concrete kennel for over a year, he was more than they could handle. They begged us to take in Sampson to give him a new chance at life. We knew from the moment we met him that he was meant to live out his days in the sanctuary.

Sampson is a wonderfully sweet boy! He is always so happy and loves to be showered with attention from the staff and volunteers. If we had not have given him a second chance, where would he be now?

We are proud to give animals a second chance at life, love, and happiness. Your support means that we can continue to speak for the animals who have no voice.

Please give this Giving Tuesday and help us reach our goal of $5,000. If just 100 people make a $50 donation, we can reach our goal!

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